Reclaimed Antique Beams, masterpieces of the Ancients

Antique beam, a matchless beauty always covoted for its incredible style

We always maintain a large collection of antique wood beams reclaimed in historical barns and old industrial buildings. To suit the needs of your interior design project, we classify our antique beams in 3 categories: hand hewn beams, rough saws beams, and antique douglas fir beams. You can acknowledge their essential properties here under. Depends on your needs, you may also want to consult our Old Grow page which shows beams made from giant trees.

Antique beams can be use as is or remilled in wide plank to create the antique wood floor of your dream.

Antique Hand Hewn Beams
Antique Douglas Fir Beams
Antique Rough Sawn Beams

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