This past January 23, 24, 25, Veser’s Antique Woods was among the 300 exhibitors at the Interior Design Show of Toronto, featuring a collection of antique floor paneling and custom-made antique wood furniture. The challenge: To compare marketing results through participation in a major event with results generated from the websites |

antique wood

The exhibition booth covered an area of 100 sq. ft. and displayed nine variations of antique woods, as rare as they are in demand, primarily for their uses in the fabrication of wood flooring and wood furnishings: antique chestnut, antique heartpine, antique elm, antique ash, antique pine, antique hemlock, antique oak vintage, antique oak resawn and antique Douglas fir.

Connoisseurs appreciate these assortments because they originate from a variety of large scale trees, the likes of which are rarely seen today. In past centuries, enormous beams and planks were extracted from full grown specimens, the length of which exceeded many of today’s products since there are far less ancestral trees currently in existence.

Pertaining to wood used for wall paneling, Veser’s Antique Woods displayed the antique woods it is renowned for: ancestral grey barn wood (taken from the exterior of barns) as well as brown barn wood (taken from the interior of barns).

Also on exhibit were handmade antique beams crafted with a technique and expertise that is seldom seen today, as such vegetation is no longer at our disposal for extracting beams of this magnitude.

NEW – We made other interesting discoveries at Veser’s Antique Woods’ exhibit booth: original designs in antique wood furniture, like a decorative table (ideal for a vase of flowers), as well as an antique wood buffet cabinet, an exact replica from the last century. We would have liked to have been shown a reproduction of an antique wood farm table (crafted from an antique barn door), however the space constraints made it impossible.

The Interior Design Show of Toronto 2010 attracted more than 48,000 visitors and Veser’s Antique Woods handed out promotional flyers to over a 1000 people in three days. In comparison, the website succeeds in communicating information on all available products to as many visitors to their site on a weekly basis, without geographical constraints.

You can see the pictures of the show on the website.