Design Your Own Antique Furniture

Veser's antique woods now offers outstanding reproductions of antique furnitures built from the best antique wood obtained from 1800's historical structures. The color, nature and stability of recycled antique wood if much more superior then today's woods used to build furnitures. The result is long lasting furnitures and reproductions that your family will enjoy for generations.

Each piecework is unique, completely assembled with tenons, mortises and plugs. You can find several forms on the website to help define your project.

If you are looking for an antique bed, an antique table, a cabinet or a bookcase, a bench, a chimney coating, a counter or any other small furniture, we can create it for you and make your dream come true.

Antique Wood and Antique Furniture Concept

Working on an kitchen table idea, I started to search the web, hoping to find a nice thick slice of wood, either rectangular or round, that could serve as the top to a pedestal table, and that will hopefully be able to seat 6 people. After a moment, I finally found my solution: antique wood! More precisely, an antique barn board must be perfect. On reclaimedantiquewoods' website, I found not only the barn board I was looking for, but also all the antique woods (or reclaimed woods) I could ever need for all my other antique furniture reproduction projects.

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