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Hand Hewn Beams

Our reclaimed Hand Hewn Beams are harvested from various barns and structures throughout North America. They are present in 100 to 200-year-old barns, where, at the time of construction, sawmills did not exist. They are the oldest form of antique beams and a hand axe was used by our ancestors to create this most sought-after building material. These beams feature authentic axe marks, original mortise pockets, notches, peg holes, insect marks, and knots. Used as structural timbers, boxed beams or a decorative mantel, you won’t want to miss out on this reclaimed beauty.

All our orders are custom made. Please call us to discuss options, and see our “specifications” tab below for standard options.


Our antique reclaimed Hand Hewn Beams are the original and authentic chic when it comes to reclaimed wood. A rustic look and feel in an often contemporary decor, these beams command attention. As they were used over 100 years ago as support beams in barns and old structures, hand hewn beams are often referred to as “hand adzed”, in reference to the name of the axe used by our ancestors to carve these prized jewels.

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SIZE: 4’’x 4’’ to 12’’X12’’ (larger available)
LENGTH: Up to 32’ and longer
PROCESSING: Surface washed, denailed, brush cleaned, kiln dried
CUT: Sawn one edge, split, custom cut to size
TEXTURE: Hand hewn
SPECIES: Hemlock, Eastern White Pine, Oak, Ash, Elm
FINISH: Unfinished, natural oil, custom stain (light to dark brown, gray, white, walnut, black, Shou Sugi Ban charred black)
This product does not require any acclimation time prior to installation.

Product Installation
We recommend that you have your beams or mantel installed by an experienced builder, installer or contractor who will use the proper anchors and make sure any structural beams used in the project support the structure adequately.

Veser Antique Woods cannot and does not take any responsibility for installation issues or problems resulting from installation of any Veser Antique Woods products.